Nustreams has a fantastic concept


Nustreams has a fantastic concept, I was really impressed with the whole facility from the amazing insights from great people like Rick Warren pasted around the center to the Ibridge hub activities, I have to say what is going on in here is really commendable!



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Events at Nustreams are the best

I always enjoy attending events at Nustreams, the location is prime at the center and they have everything an event centre should have for a stress-free event.



Nustreams has the perfect ambience for creativity

Nustreams is a great place to be. It has the perfect ambience for creativity and the atmosphere is inspiring. 



What Nustreams is doing is laudable

I must commend Nustreams Culture Centre for making this kind of garden of poetry and philosophy available for artistic and creative expressions in Ibadan, what they are doing is laudable and we must encourage them to do more



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